Kufner 54

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The Kufner 54 sailboat is a masterstroke of naval engineering, meticulously crafted from top-of-the-line materials. Its deck plan embodies ingenuity, boasting an expansive teak deck that beautifully balances leisure and sailing needs. Below deck, the Kufner 54 hosts a spacious linear kitchen offering ample storage, a well-designed living area, and four luxurious cabins each with en-suite bathrooms and generous storage. Additionally, a crew cabin with private facilities ensures convenience and privacy for the staff.

What sets the Kufner 54 apart is its customization capacity. Owners can tailor the yacht's layout and cabin configuration to their personal needs and preferences, thanks to Kufner Yachts' commitment to a limited production approach. This unique feature makes the Kufner 54 more than just a boat; it's an opportunity to craft your personal nautical haven.


The Kufner 54 captures attention with its commanding presence, an embodiment of grace and power. Its expansive deck spaces and distinct exterior design echo the magnificence typically attributed to larger, sixty-foot yachts. Strength, performance, comfort – these are the hallmarks of the Kufner 54.

The vessel’s substantial exterior spaces inspire awe, offering generous room for relaxation and socializing. Every deck and walkway is carefully designed to maximize space and functionality, providing the perfect backdrop for both tranquil solitude and vibrant gatherings.

The unique design of the Kufner 54’s exterior is a testament to master craftsmanship and innovation. Its striking silhouette cuts an impressive figure against the horizon, a perfect blend of modern lines and timeless elegance. This isn’t just a yacht; it’s a statement of style and prestige.


The interiors of the Kufner 54 exude a captivating charm, distinguished by their tasteful elegance, refined aesthetics, and the superior quality of finishes and furnishings. Every element has been thoughtfully considered, ensuring that nothing is left to chance.

The generous spaces within this vessel are truly breathtaking, with the welcoming ambiance amplified by an influx of light that seemingly stretches the room dimensions well beyond their physical constraints.

It’s almost overwhelming, trying to acclimate your senses to the vastness of the available space. Each area onboard is deliberately designed to offer guests the pinnacle of comfort for their days at sea. It is through such meticulous attention to detail that your cruising experience becomes truly unforgettable.