Exclusive by Kufner Yachts

Kufner Exclusive

With the introduction of the Exclusive line, Kufner Yachts has made another significant stride towards achieving peak quality. This commitment is reflected in every facet of their designs – the meticulous finishes, the careful attention to detail, and the innovative interior solutions. These elements, though always a priority for the Croatian shipyard, now reach remarkable levels of excellence in this line.

The Exclusive versions bring a dynamic restyling to the previous models, particularly evident in the completely redesigned sterns of the Kufner 54 and Kufner 50. The elongated hull augments the already spacious cockpit, infusing it with a bold momentum towards the stern. More contemporary lines with pronounced angles transform the additional space gained aft of the rudder wheels into a veritable sea-facing terrace, enhancing the overall aesthetic and utility of these exclusive yachts.

Open Air Kitchen

The hallmark feature of the Kufner Exclusive versions is undeniably the outdoor kitchen. The redesign of the living area not only accommodates an al fresco culinary space complete with a barbecue, sink, and workspace, but also ensures it’s accessible from the stern swimming platform.

This exceptional feature enables owners to cook and grill outdoors, providing a convivial atmosphere for guests while also taking in mesmerizing sea views. Encased in a durable fiberglass structure, the kitchen’s opening lid is tastefully finished with teak and adorned with spacious sunbathing cushions. This thoughtful design ensures this additional space remains highly functional and enjoyable throughout the day.